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Turki Alahmari (My summer in Morgantown)


I’m gonna talk about my summer in Morgantown.

First of all, i registered for summer 1,2 in IEP and it ‘ll take 12 weeks , so for sure i’m gonna spend more time to study and improve my language . but of course i must have a fun time because that’s will clear my mind and also the pressures will go away , and refresh me and make ready to get more pressure .

Second, my brother and my cousin are studying and living here in Morgantown , i think that’s gonna be great because when i want to have fun i prefer to have fun with group of people . we are thinking to camping in the wood for two days with their friends and also we are gonna do a Barbecue .

Also we are going to hire jet skis also my cousin wants to try banana boat so maybe we will try it together .




And there is a vacation between the summer and the fall and we already booked a tickets to Cancún in this vacation and we will spend seven days , and the departure will be from Washington D.C, and we think we are gonna have fun there .

Also my father maybe he will come to US to visit us, if he comes that will make me very happy !!

I hope you like my schedule in this summer .




Summer in Morgantown

Morgantown is a city surrounded by a green mountain and lakes where you can find pure and fresh air. It is also a small city that is located in the north of West Virginia. I arrived at Morgantown in 05-19-14 and I had a culture shock about the food where it is really greasy and oily. On the other hand, I enjoyed the wonderful weather because it is so breezy and nice compare to my hometown’s weather where its usually hot and dry. Also, I have visited a magnificent lake called Cheat Lake where the mountain is green and the lake is in the middle were also fishermen who were there for fishing. Nevertheless, I found a great luxury apartment which is not far from the IEP area and what surprised me is that most of the houses here are made of wood and I thought in such an unbalanced weather will not be easy to use wood.

When I first came to Morgantown I had in mind that my English level was going to be easy communicating with people but then I discovered that i have a poor pronunciation which led most people whom I talked to finding difficulties was to understand me properly. Also, I had difficulties being in a weather like this where it rains a lot and I did not get used to a rainy weather. In contrast, it was so easy going to the school and there is a lot of transportations. In addition, I found the people here are so kind, cheerful and helpful which resulted in making friends easily. in short words, it is one of the interesting experiences and I am looking forward to visit other cities in the United States. “God bless America”

summer in morgantown

It is my first to travel abroad my country, and it is my first time studying in the summer. It seems uncomfortable for me but I have had fun. I have attended so many activities in WVU such as a celebration of graduate student,and I have played with WVU soccer team. Well, If  I want to talk about foods, I should talk about American steak. It is incredibly delicious, and I ate it in LongHorn restaurant. I have eaten Japanese dishes like Sochi. I certainly like Indian food and ate a new kind of food which was Butter Chicken. I like listening to the music. Actually, I do not have a certain kind music that I like, but the most musics that I like to listen are from US. I would say that my favorite singers are Katy Perry, Danielle Bradbery,John legend, and Pharrell Williams. I would like to meet or even see John Legend in concert in US. In the previous weekend, I went to Washington DC. I had visited the white house, US capital, M street, and I attended a parade. The parade was for Memorial day, and policemen have closed almost all streets between the white house and US capital. I ate Arabian food because there are lots of Arabian restaurants.

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